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Do odhlásenia zostáva minút a sekúnd.

Vážený návštevník,

používate internetový prehliadač, ktorý z dôvodu bezpečnosti a používateľského komfortu už nepodporujeme. Ak sa rozhodnete pokračovať v prehliadaní s Vaším starým prehliadačom, stránky nebudú fungovať správne.

Pre plnohodnotný zážitok použite, prosím, novší prehliadač (napríklad Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge).


Podnikateľské konto Komplet

  • balík pre náročných klientov so širokou ponukou bankových produktov a služieb,
  • neobmedzený počet vybraných transakcií,
  • dostatočný počet hotovostných transakcií v pobočke v cene balíka.
60 € /mesiac

Payment cards

For a fee you can also choose from our other debit payment cards.

Payment cards are issued with contactless functionality and are identified by the abbreviation CL. 

Visa Electron
Visa Business
Mastercard Business
Visa Business Gold
Debit cards Visa Electron Business CL Visa Business CL MasterCard Business CL Visa Business Gold CL
Maximum daily limit 2 000 € 5 000 € 5 000 € 10 000 €
Possibility to set an individual limit
Payments to merchants for goods
Secured internet payments
Contactless payments
Cash withdrawals from ATMs
Cash Back
PIN change via ATM
Possibility to receive notification via SMS
Travel insurance for the payment card can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service
D.A.S. legal protection insurance can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service
Service IAPA can be added as a supplementary service can be added as a supplementary service
ELITE programme
Image card yes (one-time fee EUR 6)
Card type indented embossed embossed embossed
Validity period 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years

Loss, theft and blocking of the card

If your card is lost or stolen and it is necessary to block the card immediately to prevent its abuse.

You can access a non-stop telephone helpline:

+421 2 5966 8230

you can also report the loss or theft of a card at any ČSOB branch..


Travel insurance for the payment card

  • can be added to a service package,
  • assistance service for non-stop assistance, call +421 2 4445 0050,
  • choose from 4 variants:
    • Standard and Exclusive for individuals,
    • Standard Family and Exclusive Family for families
  • with no age limit for individuals and families,
  • valid worldwide,
  • maximum continuous length of a single journey abroad:
    • 60 days for the Standard versions,
    • 90 days for the Exclusive versions



Secured internet payments

The 3-D Secure protocol increases the security of card payments on the internet. For VISA cards this payment protocol is known as Verified by VISA and in the case of MasterCard and Maestro cards it is referred to as MasterCard SecureCode.

Secured internet payments can be activated via:



Using payment cards safely

Protect your card

As soon as you receive your payment card, sign it on the signature strip on the rear face. Safeguard it, carry it separately from identity documents and check it regularly if you do not use for a longer period. The payment card is issued for your use only and is non-transferable. Never lend it to anyone, even another member of your family. If it is stolen, lost or abused, block it immediately via the non-stop helpline +421 2 5966 8230.

Protect your payment card against mechanical damage or the effects of magnetic fields. Never disclose its number and at the end of its validity period, follow the bank's instructions. If you do not return it, destroy it.

Keep your PIN code secret

The PIN code is used for access to your account. Remember it, never write it down and in absolutely no case should you carry it written down together with the payment card. Do not disclose it to your relatives, the police or other authorities, even if they appear trustworthy. The bank will never ask you for your PIN code, so do not respond to suspicious e-mails or pages that ask you to supply your PIN. Report any suspicious activity to us as soon as possible.

When entering your PIN code for payments in shops or withdrawals from an ATM, ensure that nobody can observe you or photograph you. Use your body to prevent a direct view of the keypad and when entering the PIN code cover it with your free hand.

You can use an ATM to change your PIN code to any 4-digit number of your choice at any time. Ensure that it is a random number and is not made up of the same or consecutive digits. PIN codes such as 1234 and 6666 are unsuitable and should not be used.

Be careful when making payments via the Internet

Only use your payment card in internet shops that are reputable and identified as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. Secured internet payment secures payment by sending a one-time SMS code. In addition you can set a maximum amount for internet payments or block them completely. You can receive information on all transactions via information SMS messages, which you can activate through Internet Banking.

Taking cash from an ATM

When withdrawing cash from an ATM, check the front of the machine. If you notice any suspicious modifications, damage or other non-standard changes, report them to us. Check in particular whether there is no camera on the ATM that could capture your PIN code.

Report suspicious merchants

When using your payment card in a shop, do not let it out of your sight and be present at every payment. Do not allow the staff to take it out of your sight. Report any suspicious merchant behaviour to us.

Check outgoing transactions

After paying a merchant, check the amount on the receipt and keep it as proof of the transaction. Also check your account statements regularly and compare them with the transactions that you have made. If there are any discrepancies or unusual transactions, contact us immediately via the non-stop helpline +421 2 5966 8230.

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