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ČSOB Financial group

  • ČSOB Financial group
  • History
  • Mission and values
  • KBC Group
  • Rating
  • Financial statements
ČSOB. Pre vás osobne.

ČSOB Banka

We are one of the largest and strongest universal banks in the Slovak market. We have long been a reliable partner for the financial affairs of retail clients, small and medium enterprises, corporations and private banking clients.

Besides a complete range of banking products we also excel thanks to the application of the bancassurance concept and in particular our personal approach. Of course, you will also find current accounts, term deposits, consumer and mortgage loans, credit cards in our portfolio alongside other products such as life and non-life insurance, mutual funds, leasing and building savings. We aim to stay a step ahead at all times thanks to continuous innovation.

We are a full member of the Slovak Banking Association.

ČSOB Poisťovňa.

ČSOB Poisťovňa

We are an universal insurance company that provides a wide range of products in the areas of life and non-life insurance. Our products are designed for both natural persons, entrepreneurs and large corporate clients.

For your convenience, we can arrange for you to conclude insurance at our branches (ČSOB Poisťovňa and ČSOB Banka), with external intermediators, via online communication tools (a special website, the ČSOB SmartBanking app), by telephone or at an ATM.

We are one of the founder members of the Slovak Insurance Association.

ČSOB Stavebná sporitelňa.

ČSOB Stavebná sporiteľňa

We have operated in the building savings market since 2000, and we specialise primarily in supporting the construction and improvement of housing. Most of our clients are retail clients but a smaller number are legal entities.

In our product portfolio you will find building savings programmes in which you can obtain a state bonus, building loans, interim loans without an initial deposit or previous period of saving and loans for the restoration of apartment buildings.

We are a full member of the Slovak Banking Association.

ČSOB Leasing.

ČSOB Leasing

We have long been one of the most important and strongest leasing companies in Slovakia. With our portfolio of financial leasing, operative leasing, instalment plans and loans our clients can finance almost anything: cars, trucks and utility vehicles, machinery, equipment, technology, ships, railway wagons and even real estate.

We have long maintained our leading position in the leasing market thanks to close cooperation with several suppliers of cars and trucks but above all thanks to our ability to always offer our clients something extra. We are one of the few leasing companies in Slovakia that has an ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

We are a member of the Association of Leasing Companies of the Slovak Republic.

ČSOB Asset Management

KBC Asset Management

We are a successful asset management company with excellent knowledge of local markets, international experience and strong know-how. Our main business is building and managing collective investment schemes and distributing them to the different companies in the ČSOB Financial group.

We offer clients one of the broadest ranges of collective investment schemes, with a variety of currencies and investment strategies to choose from.

ČSOB Nadácia

ČSOB Nadácia

ČSOB Nadácia was established on 01 December 2010.

Its purpose is to provide support for high quality programmes that help to implement activities of public benefit, that strengthen the basic values of the society that we live in. ČSOB Nadácia aims to be not only a passive donor of funds, but an active promoter of public involvement in activities of public benefit and volunteering and to achieve positive change through the implementation of various projects in the areas of healthy and active lifestyle, education (especially cooperation with higher education institutions – departments covering areas close to the business activities of the ČSOB Financial group), and health (especially assistance and support for sick children in hospitals and assistance in the area of health for employees of the ČSOB Financial group).

As a successful subject in financial markets, we are aware of our responsibility to the society and the environment that we live in. We adopt a transparent approach to this obligation, respecting and abiding by the principles of business ethics.


New company motto

ČSOB began using a new motto: "For you personally", which replaced its previous motto "Together we make a richer world".


The way of innovation

The ČSOB Financial group joins the trend towards innovation. The first aim of innovative products and services is to make everyday management of finances simpler and more convenient for clients.


Sale of ČSOB d.s.s.

On 17 May 2011 the shares in the company ČSOB d.s.s. were sold to Poštová banka with the consent of the NBS.


Purchase of Istrobanka

In order to increase its market share in Slovakia, the shareholder KBC purchased Istrobanka on 01 July 2009 from the previous owner, the Austrian group Bawag PSK. This enlargement made ČSOB Slovakia's fourth largest bank, not only in deposits but also in the volume of loans.


Establishment of the Slovak ČSOB

From 01 January 2008 ČSOB in Slovakia became independent from ČSOB Prague and became a new company limited by shares (akciová spoločnosť) KBC Bank continued to be the sole owner of the Slovak ČSOB.


Establishment of the ČSOB Financial group

With a view to consolidating all its subsidiaries under one "roof", ČSOB established the ČSOB Financial group. Its members are: ČSOB Banka, ČSOB Poisťovňa, ČSOB stavebná sporiteľňa, ČSOB Leasing, ČSOB Asset Management, ČSOB d.s.s. and ČSOB Factoring.


Establishment of ČSOB d.s.s.

ČSOB d.s.s. was established pursuant to the act on pension savings.


Inauguration of the bancassurance model

The first step to implementing the bank insurance model in Slovakia was the purchase of ERGO Poisťovňa, which was renamed ČSOB Poisťovňa. A year later ČSOB started selling insurance products through its bank network.


Entry of the shareholder KBC Bank

As a result of the privatisation of banking houses in the former Czechoslovakia, shares in ČSOB were purchased by the Belgian bank KBC Bank, which is a member of KBC Group N.V. – one of the largest and strongest financial groups in Slovakia.


Expansion of provided services

After the Velvet Revolution ČSOB increased scope of its services from the foreign trade enterprises to provide services for newly established enterprises and also for individuals. The increase in the product range was accompanied by an expansion of the branch network.


Establishment of ČSOB

The state was involved in the establishment of ČSOB through the majority shareholder, the Czechoslovak State Bank. In former Czechoslovakia, ČSOB was the only bank that provided financing for foreign trade and supervised loans in foreign currency from international markets.

We are one of the largest and strongest financial groups in Slovakia. Our members enable us to excel in wide range of products and services including mortgages, consumer loans, savings and investment products, current accounts together with insurance, building savings, leasing and factoring. The ČSOB Financial group includes ČSOB Banka, ČSOB Poisťovňa, ČSOB Stavebná sporiteľňa, ČSOB Leasing, KBC Asset Management, ČSOB Factoring and ČSOB nadácia.

Under the brand ČSOB. For you personally.

ČSOB. Pre vás osobne.

Our mission is to provide you with convenient access to high quality financial services wherever you happen to be at a given moment. Using modern communications technology we are able to offer a professional service that understands your individual needs both at our branches and in the comfort of your own home.

Our services are built around a personal approach to the client and therefore we are always here FOR YOU PERSONALLY.

Our relations with clients embody the following values:


We find and offer solutions with the optimal conditions and price for you. We know that your time is precious and therefore we try to make continuous improvements in efficiency, so that you have time for the things that really matter to you.


Your opinion, wishes and needs are what drive us to keep on improving.


It means a great deal to us that our clients have chosen our services, and we treat them and their wishes with corresponding respect and importance.

The KBC Group is one of the leading financial groups in Europe. It operates as a bancassurance group providing both bank and insurance products through combined agencies and branches. The bank insurance model, based on clients' needs, permits the KBC group to respond flexibly to changing market conditions and respond flexibly to changing market conditions with offers of deposit products, life insurance products and investment products.

Target segments

The primary target segments for the KBC Group are retail clients, small and medium enterprises, corporate clients, and also private banking clients.


Beside a strong market share in its home country Belgium it operates in the countries of central and eastern Europe. It has a major position particularly in the bancassurance markets in Czech Republic, in Slovakia, in Hungary and in Bulgaria. These five countries make up the main markets that the KBC Group focuses on. It also operates in the other countries of the world, however. The KBC Group has its headquarters in Brussels.

Moody's Investors Service, May 2018

Long-term rating Baa1
Long-term issuer rating Baa2
Short-term rating Prime-2
Individual performance rating D
Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) ba1
Adjusted BCA baa3
Outlook positive

Financial statements

Name Date Size
Separate financial statements 31.12.2019 2,17 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2019 2,30 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2018 2,17 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2018 2,30 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2017 3,29 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2017 3,47 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2016 4,89 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2016 5,12 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2015 2,20 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2015 2,16 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2014 2,33 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2014 2,18 MB
Separate financial statements 31.12.2013 2,16 MB
Consolidated financial statements 31.12.2013 2,05 MB
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