ČSOB nadácia

  • support for projects relating to health, active lifestyle, education and the protection and improvement of the environment

  • we also provide help in non-financial forms through education for financial literacy and digital security

  • our staff get involved through various forms of volunteering

About the foundation

ČSOB nadácia was established on 6 December 2010. Our aim is to promote and implement activities in the public interest that strengthen the fundamental values of the ČSOB Financial Group. Our main aim is to bring about positive change through various projects related to a healthy and active lifestyle, and education, especially in the form of cooperation with universities.

Aims of the foundation and areas it supports

ČSOB nadácia wants to use support for high-quality programmes to promote the implementation of activities in the public interest that strengthen the core values of the society we live in. ČSOB nadácia aims to be more than just a passive donor of funds. By promoting wider participation in volunteering and activities that benefit society as a whole and by implementing various projects, we aim to create positive developments in healthy and active lifestyle, education (especially cooperation with higher education institutions and departments whose focus aligns with that of the ČSOB Financial Group), health (especially assistance and support for sick children in hospitals and health support for employees of the ČSOB Financial Group) and the protection and development of the environment.

How to support ČSOB nadácia

Would you like to support our foundation? Ways to help:

  • by remittance of 2% of your tax payments to ČSOB nadácia
  • by a financial gift paid to the account of ČSOB nadácia: SK03 7500 0000 0040 1248 0070


ČSOB nadácia

Name and registered office
ČSOB nadácia
Žižkova 11
811 02, Bratislava

Director of the foundation
Bea Ertl

E-mail: nadacia@csob.sk
Phone: 02/59 665 806

Registered in the Foundations Register of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, date 06/12/2010 under no. 203/Na-2002/98