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Use of cookies

This website uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on your computer which are saved when you visit The use of cookies is not dangerous. They cannot transmit viruses or read data from your computer’s hard drive. Above all, they improve the functionality of the website.

What we save

We use cookies to save only anonymous data that is not linked to you personally in any way and we do not engage in any client identification.

We store the following types of data:

Data necessary for the proper functioning of the website

These cookies store information used to provide basic functions such as your language selection or correct navigation around the site. These cookies are processed by ČSOB servers.

Analytical data

To improve the experience that our website offers, we need statistics about visits and the behaviour of visitors to the site. We track this information using analytical tools that work with anonymised statistical data.

Data for personalising the user experience

This information helps us to understand the purpose of your visit and your behaviour on the site, and to offer content that meets your needs. Such information allows the design, navigation or functionality of the website to be updated to enable you to reach the information you are looking for as fast as possible.

The way we work with the stored information is all governed by our Memorandum on Personal Data Protection.

Analytical and marketing tools used on domains:

Google Analytics, Adform, Adwords, Facebook, SAS Customer Intelligence, Hotjar, Exponea, Teads.


List of cookies used on

Technical cookies

These are files that ensure the proper functioning of services on Their use is essential.

Cookie name Domain name Source Use
sessionExpire It is used for automatic safe termination of the visit and logout from Moja ČSOB.
AWSALBCORS, AWSALB SAS Registers which cluster of servers serves the visitor. Used in the context of load balancing to optimize the user experience.
SPEEDpublic, lctpref, DEVICE_PRINT ČSOB Ensures the proper functioning of services.
LFR_SESSION_STATE_# CSOB Provides the user with secure browsing and proper functioning of the page.
BIGipServer ČSOB Used to distribute traffic to the server to optimize response.
COOKIE_SUPPORT ČSOB Technical cookie to find out if your browser supports cookies.
JSESSIONID ČSOB Technical cookie to store the identification of the user's visit, ensures the user safe browsing of the site.
XSRF-TOKEN ČSOB Cookie necessary for visitor security and safe browsing (CSRF prevent).
GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID ČSOB Provides the visitor's preferred language settings.
COOKIES_ACCEPTED LiveChatoo Identifies whether the user has accepted the use of cookies.
poistenie.csobpoistovna poistenie.csobpoistovna ČSOB Poisťovňa Ensures the proper functioning of online services of ČSOB Poisťovne.
www.csob, csob, SPEEDprivate_, TS#,, AUTHENTICATION_ID ČSOB Ensures the proper functioning of online services
SEARCH_SAMESITE Google Ensures the proper functioning of online services
TS# ČSOB Ensures the proper functioning of online services
cievq, _ciutbid_ Google Ensures the proper functioning of online services.


Analytical tool cookies

These gather anonymous data on the behaviour of our website’s users to improve the quality of online services and the usability of web pages.

Cookie name Domain name Source Use Detail
ga_rollup_gid, ga_rollup,
 _ga, _gat_UA-#, _gid Google Analytics, hotjar Cookie for statistical purposes. A unique identifier for statistics on how a visitor uses the website.

__utmt, __utmz, __utma,
 __utmc, __utmb, ims LiveChatoo Cookie for statistical purposes. A unique identifier for statistics on how a visitor uses the website.
collect Google analytics Used to send data to Google Analytics about the device and visitor behavior.
pagead/1p-user-list/# Google Analytics Cookie used to display targeted advertising.
SAPISID, HSID, APISID, Google Analytics Cookie for statistics on the behavior of the website visitor and to improve the services when visiting the website. It is also used to anonymously measure the effectiveness of PPC and affiliate advertising services. SSIDC is a security cookie to protect user data from unauthorized access.
_uetsid, _uetvid Hotjar Used to interact with a user who has visited the website.
intercom-session_ Hotjar Cookie for statistics on how the visitor uses the website.
ajs_anonymous_id Hotjar Cookie for statistics on how the visitor uses the website.
_hj(*) Hotjar Cookie for collecting analytical data on user behavior and site movement. Provides data for reports, surveys, questionnaires, and customer interaction. With the help of data, we understand the behavior of the visitor, which allows us to improve our services.
_gcl_au Hotjar Provides traffic and attribution data.
_BEAMER_ Hotjar Used to communicate important changes to users.


Marketing tool cookies

These support advertising campaign coverage, the display of personalised advertising and a unique user experience.

Cookie name Domain name Source Use Detail
 _SI_VID_, _SI_DID_,
 _SI_VS_, SAS It provides aggregated traffic analysis and collects information to help improve services.
1P_JAR Google Analytics The cookie carries information about how the visitor uses the website and customizes ads on Google websites.
_dc gtm_UA Google Allows to link Google Analytics to Google AdWords for ad targeting.
C, adform, uid Adform The cookie provides a unique user ID and collects data about activity on the site.
test_cookie Google Cookie checks whether the browser supports cookies.
fr Facebook Facebook cookie, which ensures the display of relevant advertising and measures and improves the display of advertising. Collects data about user behavior on a page that contains a Facebook pixel or Facebook social plugin.
IDE Google The Google DoubleClick cookie collects information about how visitors use the site and the advertising that was displayed to them before they visited the site. Used to display relevant ads.
r/collect Google DoubleClick advertising cookies are used to personalize the advertising that is displayed to users based on previous visits.
tr Facebook Provides the display of advertising products and services.

Facebook hotjar

Cookie from Facebook used to display ads on Facebook or Facebook's digital platform.
ANID, NID Google Cookie use for advertisement display on Google websites. Contains unique ID with information about user´s preferences.
CONSENT Google These support advertising campaign coverage, the display of personalised advertising and a unique user experience.


How can I adjust my cookie settings?

If you wish to change your settings for how cookies are used on our site, or if you wish to disallow marketing or analytical cookies, you can do so by setting your preferences. Settings for cookie preferences affect the device that you are using at the time to access the website. They are kept for 12 months or until you delete your browser data.

Another option is to browse in incognito mode. In this mode, your visits will not be recorded in your browsing and download history. Cookies created in incognito mode are deleted when you close all open browser windows. Information about the use of cookies on our website will be displayed every time you visit the site in incognito mode.

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