Insurance offered by ČSOB

Every sort of business comes with its own risks. Our professional insurance services can ensure financial security in case of unexpected losses. We provide optimal protection for your business thanks to the comprehensive scope of our modern insurance products.


Property insurance

  • This covers both moveable and immoveable assets, including equipment and inventory for manufacturing or operations.
  • A wide range of optional riders ensure flexibility.
  • Assistance services provide technical assistance, assistance in restoring operations, and IT and medical assistance.

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Liability insurance

  • His covers your liability for damage to the health, life and property of others.
  • Our liability insurance can be extended to liability for damage caused by domestic and international road carriers and liability for damage caused by a freight forwarder.
  • We insure both general and professional liability for damage.

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Cyber risk insurance

  • The 21st century demands a new type of insurance because property and liability insurance cannot cover all the damage from hacking.
  • We cover the damage caused by hackers’ attacks, including service interruptions and extortion.
  • Non-stop assistance services connect you to IT experts, legal advisers and PR experts to help you handle cyber incidents.

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Insurance of apartment buildings

  • This gives comprehensive protection of apartment buildings including apartments, non-residential premises, common areas, equipment and structural elements. The insurance also covers neighbouring buildings.
  • It automatically covers liability for damage resulting from management activities.
  • Assistance services for technical and legal issues are included.

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Insurance for towns and villages

  • We offer comprehensive protection for your moveable and immoveable property, including neighbouring buildings.
  • We can add liability insurance for damage caused by towns and villages in performing their functions.
  • Assistance services provide technical assistance, assistance in restoring operations, and IT and medical assistance.

Shipment insurance

  • We can insure shipments during shipping anywhere in the world.
  • We offer coverage for various modes of transport (road, rail, air, river, combined).

Accident insurance – for a motor vehicle

  • Protect yourself against unpredictable situations on the roads.
  • The insurance covers damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident, robbery, natural disaster, vandalism or rodent attack.
  • Professional non-stop assistance service is included in the price of insurance (e.g. assistance in the event of a puncture, loss of keys, call-out vehicle repair, etc.).

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Car accident

Mandatory third-party insurance

  • Motor vehicle insurance required by law
  • Covers damage that you cause to others’ health or their vehicles.

Driver’s accident insurance

  • Lifetime monthly annuity for a driver in the event of permanent injury after an accident
  • For drivers of cars and vans up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Choice of three variants

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Vital – comprehensive life insurance

  • Insurance of key persons (managers, directors, sole traders) will protect your business against unforeseen circumstances that result from life itself.
  • We can help you cope with difficult times such the aftermath of a serious accident, hospitalisation, or treatment for a severe illness.

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