Savings and Investing

Savings and Investing


Build up a financial reserve with a more favourable interest rate than on a current account.

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If you are interested in longer-term savings, you can take advantage of our term deposits, which guarantee a fixed interest rate for the entire term.

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Building Savings

Building savings are specially designed to finance the purchase of a new place to live, or its reconstruction. You can also claim a state premium of up to € 70 per year.

Establishing buildings ČSOB brings the following benefits:

  • savings with the amount and deposit intervals of your choice,
  • a flat-rate contract fee regardless of the target amount,
  • Deposits and interest are covered by the Deposit Protection Fund,

Choose from the following offers:

Invest with us

Choose from over 100 funds focused on various sectors and themes:

  • Suitable for conservative and dynamic investors
  • A range of securities with a single fund purchase
  • For more information visit Reducing the risk of investment in a wide range of assets.
  • Professional asset management by experienced managers
  • Easy to monitor at any time via ČSOB SmartBanking

Invest small amounts regularly to reach your big targets:

  • Flexibility in the amount and duration of investment
  • Access to your money in a few days
  • Easy to set up in ČSOB SmartBanking

Investment advice based on your individual needs

  • We take account of your expectations and goals, as well as your appetite for risk.
  • You can build your own investment portfolio with our help.

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Please note: Investment in funds is not risk-free. Learn more about the risks.