ČSOB Accounts and Payments

ČSOB Accounts

You can open a ČSOB current account at any branch or online. With your account you get free withdrawals from the extensive network of ATMs operated by ČSOB and OTP Banka Slovensko and use of our ČSOB SmartBanking app, the convenient way to manage your finances on mobile phones with Android or iOS operating systems. If you prefer to do your banking on a PC, we can offer you Moja ČSOB. Moja ČSOB is an internet banking service that gives you an overview of your finances and lets you make payments and purchase selected products online.

Accounts can also be linked to the Apple Pay, Google Pay, FitBit a Garmin payment services - fast, safe ways to pay in shops or online using your phone or smart watch, saving you the time it takes to find your card.

ČSOB offers several types of account. The Sloník account is intended for our youngest clients from birth. For students, we created the FUN account, while adults can choose Pohoda or Extra Pohoda. You can get unlimited use of any account free of charge by meeting a few simple conditions. If you open an online Smart account or Fun account, a saving account Depozit will also be created for you automatically.

ČSOB Smart Account

The first pure digital account in ČSOB without any fees and conditions. Only this type of account is issued with VISA Classic made from sustainable materials.

Smart account can be simply opened via digital process through this link, or via application ČSOB SmartBanking.

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FUN Account

An account for young people aged 15 to 28 with a designer embossed Visa Classic Študent CL contactless card. If you are a student under 28, we will waive the account fees if you send us proof of school attendance.

Fun account can be simply opened via digital process through this link.

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Pohoda Account

An account with a Visa Classic or Debit MasterCard embossed card. Make an unlimited number of electronic transactions or cash withdrawals from ČSOB and OTP ATMs.

If you open a ČSOB Pohoda account, we will also give you one withdrawal from another bank in the SEPA countries.

Extra Pohoda Account

A premium account with travel and accident insurance and the possibility to choose two embossed, contactless cards, one of which can be a Debit MasterCard GOLD card. For your convenience, you can make unlimited EUR withdrawals from ATMs in Slovakia and the SEPA countries.

Sloník Account for Children

An account for children aged 0-14, including the child’s own VISA Classic Junior debit card (from 6 years) a bonus on the current account and savings and passive access to the Moja ČSOB service.

ČSOB Payments

Payment cards

Choose one of our payment cards and take advantage of its associated benefits. You can also make payments with the Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay services.

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Get an unrestricted overview of your finances with the ČSOB SmartBanking application. The benefits of this smartphone and tablet application include:

  • detailed overviews of accounts, cards and payments,
  • the possibility to make various types of payments,
  • extraordinary mortgage instalments,
  • simple, regular, online investing,
  • arrangement of travel insurance,
  • purchase of IDS BK tickets for travel in Bratislava,
  • credit top-ups for your mobile phone,
  • a map of branches and ATMs.

You can also use our internet banking solution MOJA ČSOB or mobile appplicaton ČSOB SmartBanking.

ČSOB SmartToken - Security for managing your finances

The SmartToken mobile application generates one-time codes for client login, electronic signatures for sending orders in Moja ČSOB internet banking, activating the ČSOB SmartBanking application and confirming 3-D Secure internet payments.

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