Financial market investment products

  • issuing a promissory note

  • bond trading

  • variable maturity periods

Term deposit

Fixed-term deposits in various currencies can be set for any number of days (short, medium and long-term deposits). The interest rate is set based on to current conditions in the interbank market.

ČSOB promissory note

A debt security issued by the bank.
The yield is exempt from withholding tax.


A debt security that entitles the owner to require the issuer to pay the amount owed and a yield.
We can intermediate the purchase and sale of bonds (Slovak, foreign, Eurobonds) on the secondary market, and participation in the subscription of securities offered in the primary market.

Covered bonds

A debt security issued by an eligible bank whose face value and aliquot interest income are fully covered by assets or other property.
They are usually traded on the Bratislava Stock Exchange, a regulated market.

Primary issues of securities

We offer investment services to clients interested in raising finance by issuing notes or bonds.