Leasing for a new vehicle

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car but you do not have enough funds to pay cash for it, finance it with ČSOB Leasing. Advantageous financing for all makes of cars and commercial vehicles. You can conclude the contract at the dealership or at a ČSOB Leasing branch.

Besides brand financing, financial leasing and operative leasing, you can also finance your vehicle purchase with a consumer loan from ČSOB Leasing.

Choose your leasing

Brand financing

  • exclusive cooperation with selected brands
  • preferential financing for specific models
  • express processing at the point of sale
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Financial leasing

  • rapid approval process
  • the initial cash requirement is low
  • a guaranteed rate for instalments, including insurance, throughout the repayment period
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Operative leasing

  • a new car with no cash up front
  • amedium to long term vehicle leasing
  • acomprehensive care for the vehicle, so you just have to drive and fill up the tank
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