Consumer Loan

Take an advantageous ČSOB consumer loan for anything, with an interest rate from 5.50% p.a. You can set it up online in just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home, right in the ČSOB SmartBanking app



1% discount on the interest rate for active use of your current account

2% discount on the interest rate when refinancing loans

Make unscheduled extra payments free of charge

It’s up to you how you use the loan

You can use a ČSOB consumer loan for anything without documenting the purpose.



Paying off a mortgage

Consumer loan refinancing

You can request a consumer loan, even if you are not a ČSOB customer

Calculate your loan Get an indicative calculation with our loan calculator.
Send us the calculation Send the non-binding online calculation and we will get in touch.
We will be in touch We will go through all the necessary information and questions with you and, after approval, the loan can be yours.


Consumer loan calculator

Calculate and adjust the amount of the loan, your monthly instalment and the payment period according to your expectations.

I want to recalculate the loan


You can arrange a consumer loan for anything online, by phone or in person in the branch

I want to apply for a loan online

If you already bank with us, enter your loan application in ČSOB SmartBanking in the Favourite Online Products section.

If you do not yet bank with us, download the ČSOB SmartBanking app, open a ČSOB Smart account with no charges or conditions and then submit a loan application via the Favourite Online Products section of the ČSOB SmartBanking app.

I want advice

Fill in the contact form and we will call you. We can complete the loan application by phone or arrange a meeting in person at any branch.

What do you get with our consumer loans?

  • a quick and simple process, with no need to document the purpose, obtain guarantees or pledge real estate
  • funds from € 600 to € 25,000 for anything you need right now
  • optional extraordinary payments free of charge
  • preferential interest rate for clients with a mortgage from ČSOB
  • maturity in 1 to 8 years
  • a one-time charge of € 35 for loan provision no matter how much you borrow

In managing your loan, we will take 1% off the interest rate when you make active use of a current account in ČSOB. All you need to do is meet these conditions every month:

  • income to the account of € 400,
  • make 3 regular payments by standing order or direct debit,
  • make 5 payments using a debit or credit card.

Tip: Do you have unfavourable loans in another bank? Refinance them with ČSOB and get up to 3% off the interest rate for a new loan.

Combine your loans into one with ČSOB and get up 3% off your interest rate (2% for refinancing a consumer loan and 1% for active use of your account). You can use the lower interest rate to reduce your monthly payments or borrow more money. You can arrange the loan with one visit to the branch and there is no need to present the contracts for the transferred loans.


Credit insurance in case of unexpected life events

Insure your loan for the following benefits:

  • we will repay the loan balance in case of disability or death
  • we will cover your repayments for 12 months if you are on sick leave or lose your job
  • in case of accidental death, we will pay twice the benefit, or we will pay off the remainder of the loan and pay the same sum to your chosen beneficiary
  • insurance covers the whole repayment period
  • you can learn more about insurance in the attached document (link to the information document on the web)


Illustrative example

If you take a consumer loan for € 5,000, which we provide at a fixed interest rate of 5.5% p.a. for the whole repayment period, you will pay a one-time processing fee of € 35 on the day when the loan is provided, and from the month following drawdown to the end of your chosen repayment period of 8 years, you will pay monthly instalments of € 64.50. The total amount that you pay will thus be € 6,211.59, which amounts to an annual percentage rate of charge of 5.76% and 96 instalments. You pay interest only for the period from the provision of the loan to its repayment.


Frequently asked questions

A consumer loan obtained through any of these three channels will have the same conditions. The interest rate, the loan amount approved by the bank, the repayment period and the fees are all unaffected by how you apply.

With a standard application, we can provide a quick loan in around 15 minutes. If your application needs to be assessed individually, approval may take longer. Most loan applications are approved within 24 hours.

After your loan request is approved and the contractual documentation is signed in ČSOB SmartBanking, the funds will be sent to your account.

The bank debits the fee from the designated payment account automatically on the day when the loan is drawn.

Instalments of the consumer loan will be debited from the payment account automatically. You pay the first instalment the month after drawdown on the day specified in the contract. All you need to do is make sure that you have sufficient funds on your account for the payment.

Yes, you can repay the loan early at any time. Early repayment is free of charge if the total of all extraordinary payments in 12 consecutive months, including the final extraordinary payment, does not exceed € 10,000.

You can request early repayment at any branch of our bank.

If necessary, you can call the ČSOB infoline on 0850 111 777 or visit any branch of ČSOB, where we will be happy to help you complete your application.

If you have difficulty repaying the loan, please visit any branch of ČSOB as soon as possible and we will carefully review your situation and try to find a solution together with you.

A mortgage loan is a type of bank loan intended for the purchase of real estate. A consumer loan is a general-purpose loan that you can use for anything without the need for documentation.