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Dôležité dokumenty

Dôležité dokumenty

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

Title Validity Format Size
General business conditions from 21.11.2016 .pdf 1,80 MB
Cut-off times for payment transactions from 20.06.2016 .pdf 158 kB
Terms and Conditions for Bank Correspondents from 01.06.2016 .pdf 90 kB
List of countries to which we do not execute any payment orders from 23.01.2017 .pdf 194 kB


Title Validity Format Size
Credit business terms and conditions from 01.01.2016 .pdf 468 kB

Payment card

Title Validity Format Size
Terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of debit payment cards from 15.03.2016 .pdf 739 kB

Electronic banking

Title Validity Format Size
Internet Banking 24, Linka 24 and SmartBanking from 01.01.2016 .pdf 727 kB
Business Banking 24 from 01.05.2015 .pdf 175 kB
MultiCash 24 from 01.01.2016 .pdf 125 kB
Requirements for installation MultiCash 24 from 01.06.2014 .pdf 105 kB

Price lists

General price lists

Title Validity Format Size
Price list for natural persons - Enterpreneurs and legal entities from 01.09.2017 .pdf 1,33 MB
Amendment no. 1 to Price list for natural persons – entrepreneurs and legal entities from 24.10.2016 .pdf 106 kB
Price list for corporate clients and financial institutions from 01.09.2017 .pdf 873 kB


General forms

Title Format Size
Employer‘s Confirmation .pdf 76 kB

Electronic banking

Title Format Size
Questionnaire for installation of MultiCash24 - Qtri s.r.o. .doc 122 kB